Fun With Spambots

Spambots exist to teach people a lesson - never give your credit card numbers to websites proffered by nubile girls with webcams and far too much free time on their hands. These bots usually follow a script of "Hi, how are you? Oh, that's nice. I'm bored and fresh out of the shower. I'm going to go on my webcam and expose myself on the internet (because that's what us twentysomethings do). Here's the site!"

Recently, one messaged me on AIM (yes, I still use it), so I decided to have a little fun with it. The conversation is after the break.

superkanter: hi
the squished: hi
superkanter: Hey what's up? 23/F here. u?
the squished: 10/m/basement
superkanter: Hmm. Have we chattted before?
the squished: no, my parents never let me out of my cage
superkanter: Oh sorrrry. l waasnt sure. Butt anywayyyssss.. What r u up to?
the squished: Trying to send a message to the outside world for help
the squished: there were loud bangs upstairs
superkanter: Oooo. lm Iike sooooo bored.
superkanter: Hey l got a idea.. lma get on my web-cam. Do u wanna watcch?
the squished: and now there's red stuff coming through the floorboards upstairs
the squished: I think it's blood
the squished: but I don't want to check
the squished: help me.
the squished: please
superkanter: Yeah? Ok u do have to siggnup for freee cause its settup thru this site so that l cant be recorrded. Ok?
superkanter: K babbe. lt's super simplIe
the squished: what? MY PARENTS
superkanter: goo there then at the top of the pagge cIlick on the goIld buttton up at the top that says JOlIN FREE. K?
the squished: HELP ME
superkanter: AlIso when you signuup it wilI ask for a creddit card to veriffy your age.
the squished: i think i hear people coming downstairs
the squished: please
superkanter: lt wiIl not charge the carrd at alI. Not even a pennny. Ilts just to make sure that u r over 18. AIriight?
the squished: theyre coming for me
superkanter: K. When you get finisshed and lIogged in then vieew my camm and we can have some fuuunnnn!!!
the squished: Who is this?
superkanter: Im nikki. Dont you remember?
the squished: he told you about us
superkanter: lf you tip me some goId or join me in privte l wilI do anythinng you ask me too.
the squished: you must be eliminated
superkanter: l mean ANYTHlING babe :-X
the squished: Please wait while we backtrace your IP
superkanter: Iets taIlk on the site when you get in. Hurry up im ready to plIay.
the squished: Geolocation complete. We will be seeing you in a few minutes, Nikki.

She done goofed.