Elixir Development with Vim

I love Vim (more specifically, the NeoVim fork). Modal editing as part of my Unix IDE brings an immense amount of productivity and enjoyment to my day-to-day development activities. As such, whenever I take up a new language or framework, I enjoy experimenting with how best to integrate it into my existing workflow.

Having started programming in Elixir, I've started the customization journey for the language. Much as with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, there's a hierarchy of editor support required for an fulfilling programming experience. Let's get there with Elixir!

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Kicking the Tires with Elixir, Part 1 - Pipes

Lately I've been playing with Elixir, a functional language that sits over Erlang and the OTP framework. It's exciting because it handles embarrassingly scalable problems with aplomb, enabling a high level of parallelism and concurrency with a great developer experience. While I think Rust shines at the system programming level, Elixir seems like a perfect candidate for web services - balancing power with ergonomics.

There are plenty of well-written posts about the language and its associated libraries. I wanted to touch on what stood out to me as a Pythonista, web developer, and nerd. I don't know how many posts will comprise the series, but I have at least a few topics in mind.

First up: pipes.

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